Highlander Gaming 

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Our Story So Far...

Founded in April 2012, Highlander Gaming is a club at the University of California Riverside whose aim is to bridge student life with esports and the gaming industry.


Now, Highlander Gaming connects over 1,000 gamers on campus, manages several esports teams, and hosts one of the most popular events on campus named Highlander Con.

Meet the Staff

Meet the team organizing the events on campus. 

John Chikezie is a fourth year Environmental Science major and is the President. He mostly enjoys playing League Legends or Minecraft, but is open to playing other games. When not in game he likes to talk to friends, watch videos, or make food.

John Chikezie, President


Allen Wang is a fourth year Business major and the officer of public relations. His interests includes food, gaming, but most importantly, you. Though unsure about what he wants to do in the future, he definitely knows it will be a future including Rocket League, Heroes of the Storm, Fortnite, among other games. Aside from these he also loves to consume any forms of media, and is also trying his hardest to become an adept video and photo editor as well as trying his hand at being an artist. He is looking forward to meeting you!

Allen Wang,Vice President


Jason Navarro is a fourth year biology major hoping to working in education. As for video games, he's been playing since he was young! He's played all types of games, and enjoys getting to know the people and the stories behind video games and their communities!

Jason navarro, Esports


Arvel Reeves is an electical engineering major at UCR and current VP of HLG. His favorite games of all time are World of Warcraft, and the Dark Souls series, he loves gaming, especially the community built around it!

Arvel Reeves, Secretary


Wayland Chang is a third year Computer Science major and was previously an Event Coordinator for Highlander Gaming. He enjoys playing a variety of games including Overwatch, Smite, and Fortnite. He loves weight training, watching anime, and being gregarious. This is his third year being a part of Highlander Gaming and is thrilled to be able help the club and its community flourish.

Wayland Chang, Flex