Gabriel Ospina
Director of Leadership

Gabriel Ospina is currently a first year Undeclared student in CHASS, and is one of the Directors of Leadership for Highlander Gaming. In previous years, He was a council member of the Mayor’s Youth Council and was the president of gaming club at his former high school. "With time and effort, I hope to expand the Club’s boundaries and limits making the club well known throughout UCR. Video games have been a great passion of mine to connect with others, and I think that this club is a great opportunity for others to have fun in college! Currently, I have been playing Overwatch and am on the Overwatch B team." - Gabriel 

Alan Cheng
Director of Leadership

Alan Cheng is a second-year Business Major at the University of California, Riverside. He is looking forward to pursue information systems as his concentration. He loves exercising and weight-lifting, and played two years of varsity football during high school. This is his first year being a part of the Highlander Gaming community, and he is excited to see more gamers emerge as the club grows. Also, he has sold his soul to Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Aviral Aggarwal
Director of Finance

Aviral Aggarwal is currently a class of 2020 Computer Science w/ Business Applications major, and is the Director of Finance for Highlander Gaming. He hopes to go into game development and work to find solutions to global problems. In his spare time, he enjoys watching popular TV shows (The Office, Flash, Silicon Valley), movies, basketball, as well as playing video games such as Overwatch and League of Legends.

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