Our Teams

Highlander Gaming currently offers plenty of opportunities to participate in competitive gaming. Below are several of the Esport titles we currently support. If a title is not listed below send us an email letting us know how we can expand to support your needs.

To sign up for a team please complete the following term by the second week of the school year.

Check out our competitive teams below.

Highlander Gaming 

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League of Legends Team A-B



Smash Bros Ultimate



Rainbow Six Siege



Counter Strike Go



HLG Team Statistics

Division 2
Collegiate Battlegrounds Association: 3rd Place Nationally
UCI Zotcade 2018: 1st Place
Division 1
Collegiate Battlegrounds Association: 2nd Place Nationally
Division 1
UCSD Winter Gamefest 2017: 3rd place
uLoL/CSL 2017 Western Conference: Top 8
uLoL/CSL 2017 National Placing: Top 32
Division 2
Triton Gaming Expo 2017: 2nd Place
Division 1
Collegiate Starleague: 5-8th
UCSD Winter Gamefest 2017: 3rd place
UCI Zotcade 2017: 3rd Place
Tespa Spring Collegiate Hearthstone 2017:
Top 8 National Standing
Top 2 Western Division
Team A
UCSD Winter Gamefest 2017: 3rd Place
Tespa Spring Training Grounds 2017: 5th Place Arena