Nov 17th 2019

Hub 302

900 University Ave, Riverside, CA 92521




Events & Panels

Senryu Taiko 

Senryu Taiko is back again! UCR's Taiko club is welcoming the Highlander Con Fall 2019 attendees with their astounding opening ceremony that never fails to amaze! We're very grateful to see them again, and we hope you can be there with us to enjoy it!


Game Spawn

Interested in RPGs? Come visit Gamespawn's panel and listen to Chris Fleming and his co-panelist Christian Alvarado! Learn why RPGs are popular in both their gameplay and their storytelling! This will definitely make for an interesting and must watch panel. Make sure to stop by!


Artist Alley

Are you an artist? Do you enjoy arts and crafts? Come to artist alley at Highlander Con Fall 2019! Come check out some talented individuals and what they have to offer! And you could even be one of those individuals!


Game Show

We are proud to present that at Highlander Con there will be a series of interactive games attendees of Highlander Con can participate in. Make sure to meet in HUB 302 during the following times so you don't miss your chance to win some fantastic prizes.

  • 12:45pm

  • 3:45PM 


Attention all rhythm gamers!! UCR's Osu! club is hosting SWEAT, their Osu! Standard and Osu! Mania tournament that will be happening during Highlander Con Fall 2019! Visit their tournament and freeplay room! For more info:

Free Play

Magic Gathering

Attention all gamers!!! Highlander MTG will be hosting a HOW TO PLAY MAGIC: THE GATHERING event at Highlander Con Fall 2019! The venue will be located at the HUB 268 FROM 1:30-3:30pm on the SECOND FLOOR. For veteran players, visit their room and discord for commander pods and draft! For more info:



Do you like League of Legends? Or Hai? Or BOTH? Well, we're super excited to announce one of our gaming industry panelists this year for Highlander Con Fall 2019! Come visit former pro League player Hai Lam + Radiance! Witness the 5v5 show match, and come ask questions at the Q&A meet and greet.


Cosplay Contest

UCR's Cosplay Brigade is hosting the cosplay contest at Highlander Con Fall 2019! Come see some amazing cosplays from your favorite games, animes, and more!! You can sign up for the contest on-site, or in advance through this link.



It's that time of the year again. Highlander Gaming proudly presents this years competitive esports main events. This year we will host games in Smash Bros, League of Legends, Rainbow 6, and CS:GO. Not only will UCR students be able to compete in some of these tournaments, we will also host several other universities from the Southern California area.​

League 5v5

Ready for some competition? Make sure to check out our invitational! Watch the UCR League of Legends team play against other fellow schools!

  • UCR

  • UCLA

  • NCC

  • CPP

  • CSUF


League 1v1

League of Legends 1v1


Finalists will have the opportunity to play LIVE at HLC with 1st place receiving a ZOTAC 2070 Mini card as a prize. Non UCR students are eligible to participate but please remember that you must be attending HLC if you make it to finals.


Rainbow Six

Highlander Gaming will be hosting a Rainbow Six Siege tournament at Highlander Con. Make sure to watch this nail biting event.



Our CS:GO 5v5 Invitational tournament will be taking place at Highlander Con Fall 2019! Watch these exciting matches with:

  • UCR

  • UCSD

  • CPP


  • SDSU

  • UCI

Smash Bros

Smash Bros Ult and Melee tournaments will take place during HLCON. For the full details on how to enter please follow our



Highlander Con is UC Riverside's annual gaming event, hosted by Highlander Gaming. They aim to bridge the collegiate gaming community with Esports. There will be many video game tournaments, art showcases, performances, gaming career panels, and much more!